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Default RE: Norwegian Freestyle

Whew, my head is spinning...take it outside guys.

George, I agree with you to a point. But I think that your initial response to Boblick is a just cause for his rebuttal to you. I think I know that you were having a little fun in it while still trying to get your point across...but unfortunately the twinkle in your eye and the inflection in your inner voice did not come across and he has taken exception.

Here's what I believe....that NCL is finally starting to get something right for themselves. They could no longer adequately compete with the other cruiselines by doing the same old things so they are trying to appeal to a different segment of the market. The opening up of the expereicence beyond the traditional regimens is really in line with Star crurises.

I for one am happy to see them do it. I don't want shorts and T's in the dinning rooms though, thats waht the Lido is for. But I also don't want to be told I have to eat at 6 PM cause the late seating is full.

I don't like tips being placed on my charge and any time I cruise on a line that does that I will ahve them taken off. However, I just got back from the Sensation and was appalled to see three full table of 8 empty in a single waiters station on tip night. Those deadbeats should be charged up front.

So any way, can we all shake hands, agree to disagree and get the ad hominims out of the conversation.

Thanks and cheers!! (and I miss your website)
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