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Default Should I take a job with NCL???? Advice please...

Hello all, and thanks in advance for offering your advice. Here is my question..... I have been offered a job with NCL as a "cruise staff" which, as most of you know, is a type of host who is responsible for general happiness of the guests and hosts most of the entertainment events (bingo, trivia, games...etc.). I am excited to have this opportunity because everyone says it is a very very difficult job to get. I have never cruised with NCL, and am curious what some of you can tell me about your experience with the company.

Specifically, did most of the Cruise Staff seem happy in their jobs? Does anyone here have any specific stories they could pass along to aid me in my decision. I am leaning toward accepting the position which would place me onboard the Majesty for four months beginning Jan 14th thru mid May. If I take the position, it may be fun to meet some of you onboard if you are cruising that ship during that time.

Thanks again for the input and wish me luck....

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