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You are absolutely right about NCL. They provide a sorry service for a comparable price to other lines. How they get repeat business is beyond me. You were obviously on the Norway. The maintenance on NCL ships is obviously substandard in the case of the Norway. Granted, it is an old ship, but it has such a past one would think that it would be better maintained than that. It is a good thing that the coast guard refused to let it sail with the problems it had. However, the way that NCL treats its passengers is another matter. We had a bad experience on the Wind with a shore excursion and that was that for us. Sure, a great itenerary is great, but what is it worth when accompanied by bad service, food, and shoddy shore excursion companies. I know that NCL does not control the actions of their shore excursion partners, but the problems we had were outragious, and when we as a group complained, it was noted that none of the shore excursion crew had EVER checked the operator out. Needless to say, that made my mind right then and there. NCL is a joke and I can only hope that they get bought out again and their ships sold off to the highest bidder. Maybe they were better before being taken over by Star Cruises. Where are they out of? China?
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