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I agree with all of the above but if you like the privacy of sitting and watching the seascape in the mornings or evening a balcony is wonderful. Just got back yesterday on the Inspriation. We had a Cat.11 and it was wonderful. Visited our new friends in their cat. 12 cabin and it was super. The extra space is great. But you have to weight the price for that extra space. Some people like it and some don't. I will always book a balcony from now on. We enjoyed the privacy and the view. There is a few extras that you get when you get a cat.11 or 12. You are a member of the Skippers club which means. You check in at a special desk. No line. And get on and off first. You get terry robes in your room. And you have a refrig., vcr, bigger bathrooms and closets and sitting area. Don't depend on an upgrade to get you a cat. 11 or 12 tho. They did several upgrades on our cruise that got several people upgraded to those cat. tho. And they were pleased. But no matter what Cat. you get you will have a great time. Happy Cruisin.
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