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Default Our horror story....

Here's our horror story:
This was the worst experience we have ever had! We asked for a classy ship for our honeymoon, full of great food, style, and lots to do. Instead we got the beenie-weenie cruise! The food was soooo CHEAP it was unreal. They used disgusting barely pink meat for the hamburgers they served for lunch, ooh how exotic, come on, I didn't pay good money for a poor quality hamburger and a hotdog for my lunch! The chicken salad was even made with DARK MEAT! ahhh! My husband ordered the pork for dinner and it was the dryest thinnest slab of leather, we thought it was cured! This cruise line is for the midwest soccer mom with 4 kids who's top culinary experience has been the Outback Restaurant, and then even she may scoff at the CHEAP food of this cruiseline. It is NOT for New Yorkers, it is NOT for foodies, and it is especially NOT for honeymooners. The service was so poor, true example: my husband asked the maitre'd (TWICE he had to ask because it was clear he forgot after the first time) to surprise me with a special dessert and romantic wish for our marriage, so the waiter plopped a small cake on the table and walked away, when I asked him what the cake was for he shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I had him take the cake with him, told the maitre'd, and made sure I was credited the next day, because yes, this was the dining room you paid extra for because of it's "quality", ha!

Also,we didn't even make it to the private island because the seas were "too rough", so staying on the "floating McDonalds" extra time just added to our frustration. It was truly horrible and I will NEVER sail Norwegian again, and I recommend that if you want a cruise line that isn't extremely CHEAP, you don't either.
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