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Default nmNita Chandrias Cruise Line

Hi ! You said that you had sailed on Chandrais. Our very first cruise was on the S.S. Britanis. Were you ever on that ship, and did you know it now sits on the ocean bottom? The experiance was quite different than the cruise ships we now sail on. The dining room crew was mainly Greek and their service was incredible. The dining room experience was truley elegant and EVERYONE dressed extremely formally. The midnight buffet was simply amazing. We had a small bathroom in our cabin which had no electricity. There was a large room where all ladies would go to blow dry and curl their hair. It was kinda like a big open locker room. The ship had entertainment but it was nothing like it is on the mega ships. It was done on a small stage with a few dancers. The dance crew hung out with the guests during their time off. It was a wonderful experiance. I do enjoy the Grande Beautiful Mega Ships, but I am so glad I was able to cruise on Brittanis which was at the time we sailed it the oldest sailing cruise ship sailing. If you were on the Brittanis, do you have any special memories?
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