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Nita McKelvey
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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: le bistro breakfast on NCL Sun ?

Arlene, it just depends on your likes and dislikes. I for one like to split the week up. We did traditional dining twice, the Tapa bar once, Pacific Heights once and the 3 specialty restaurants. I liked the Italian restaurant best for food and Le Bistro for service. My daughter like the Habachi (Japanese) but I didn't think the service or food was worth the price. The Shrimp and the Ceaser Salad in the Italian rest were worth the extra bucks. Also the service was a 1 star better, though non of the service was bad. if you are happy with a Streak, basic salad and small baked potato you may want to save your money. For me, I will just think $50 more per person for the cruise and enjoy the alternative dining part of the cruise. Hope this helps. Nita
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