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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: le bistro breakfast on NCL Sun ?

Another note from me!! We only had 1 breakfast on the dining room and I know they have different items on different days, but the waiters in the main dining rooms are glad to fill you in on what is offered on which days, so you can plan ahead. I never saw breakfast menus posted, but the dinner ones are posted early in the day. We ate in both main dining rooms and found them pretty equal, but it's important to check the menu ahead, because they do offer different choices. For instance, I had a great swordfish on Tuesday but it was only offered in the Four Season s(Seven Seas had salmon that night). I do hear that they will bring you something from the other menu, but you'd need to know what's available in advance since you'll only be given one menu when you sit down. The Sun staff is also very accomodating about offering you seconds or more than one choice if you can't decide ----- we hadn't seen that on our past few cruises. We found the staff excellent everywhere, which we really weren't expecting, but it must be a relief for them too to not worry about tips. We did give a little extra at the end of the cruise to a few who were particularly helpful. I also enjoyed the shopping on the ship ---- Colombian Emeralds is the main store, with a great selection of jewelry at very competitive prices. Have fun!!
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