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Default Re: Getting Cheaper???

Unfortunately, we have paid in full. A week later is when the prices plummeted. My TA did call NCL, and got nothing. NCL at least cross-referenced the reservations that were made with other TAs for dining purposes - so we have a chance of all getting to dine together. I guess I should just be grateful NCL did that for us.

This is just another example of when procrastination pays off. My friends are loving their 'suite deal'. I'm hoping my family members that are stuck in inside cabins on the Atlantic deck don't find out that our friends are in suites on the Sky deck for cheaper than that... my family has really scrimped and saved for this trip. For most in our group, it is a first-cruise, and definitely a first-trip for leaving the mainland US.

However... there will not be a price that can go on my grandmother's face when we first arrive at the pier in Miami. I am so looking forward to that day. I took her on her first airplane ride a few years ago, and am so very thankful life is healthy and we are able to take this cruise.
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