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My problem isn't the price drop, it's the fact that they gave it to 8 out of 10 in our group. Heres how it happened. 6 of us booked together. I paid in full for 2. The 4 others didn't. 4 more booked 2 weeks later and were given a cheaper price than we originally were told. So the last 4 got a cheaper rate in our party. The TA adjusted everyones rate down $110 on their balance except mine because I paid in full. I obviously was upset because this trip was my idea and I did all the leg work for 10 people. So, they gave it to us without us asking. I think thats why they tried so hard to upgrade me for free. I wouldn't have expected it f it went down after I booked, but in this case I think they had to do something for me.
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