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Default Re: Getting Cheaper???

I'm not really upset - it's like being in Vegas and gambling. That was just extra money our families could have used on board - NCL would have received the money one way or another. But, at least through this process I learned that by booking nineteen people (two more possibly), being Latitudes members, and getting married the week on board does absolutely nothing to help your guarantee booking get upgraded in any way.

With airlines, when prices go down, I will cancel the first ticket and book a new ticket (and apply the fare from my original ticket to some other flight I am booking, maybe to a different destination). If it is on Southwest, it is so easy to do and they don't charge you the $100 change fee like most airlines do. With cruises, it would have been a $250 per person cancellation fee basically. In our case, it was better to just pay the upgrade charges NCL proposed as opposed to cancelling and rebooking.

My friends got the Travelocity rate, so I know for a fact that it was done. They are four suites down the hall, same category. $250 per person cheaper. I booked seven months ago, they booked seven days ago.

But yes, Nita, it's the pits! We just go with the flow and have a great time anyway!
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