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Jeff de Lapp
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Default Re: NCL's CEO address

your address is correct. You wont' get an answer from Colin or anybody though. We wrote a letter in February after a cruise on the SKY. It concerned a little problem we had with the hotel area. It was not an "attacking" letter, it just wanted an answer to our question. AFter not hearing from Colin by mid-April, we sent a letter certified, and faxed a copy to Colin's fax machine at corporate (as well as to two other faxes at corporate). No answer.

We are completely devastated at their lack of response. We have ALWAYS had a great time on NCL, except for a couple of things on our back-to-back caribbean cruise of Feb. '03. Having been on 5 NCL cruises in the past two years, one would think that they would rush to answer our questions...but no.

Good luck!! I hope you fare better than us.
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