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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: good or bad cabin location on Norway

Kid@hart....I love your board name! Your room is on International Deck, which I think is a great location as far as where all the activity is happening. It is the heart of the ship, and where most things will be going on, so in my opinion, you chose a great location to help you out from too much walking or climbing of stairs. As far as the over-the-door shoe bag, I think that is a good idea no matter what size room you have! It is so convienient to have to keep everything organized.Besides Kid@hart, a person with an Owners Suite could have a lousy time, and a person with an inside small cabin can have a great time! It is all in what you make it! Most of the time we actually cruise with the lowest category that can handle 3 people, and we find we have had just as good a time as when we splurged and got an outside larger cabin.
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