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I just got off of the Dawn on Sunday 6-1-03. This was my 1st Norwegian cruise, I've usually cruised on Carnival but wanted to try another. The group I was with didn't care for the freestyle dining, for an example of not being able to go when you want is the following: The dining rooms that are included in your fare are open from 6-10. If you don't get there when they open at 6, the fill up and you'll have to wait at least an hour and 1/2 on line to wait for the 1st seating of people to finish their dinner, if you don't wait on line for this time because you didn't make it in on the 1st seating you may come back and have to wait again. So my suggestion is to get there when they open, so you wind up eating the same time each night like a fixed table dining would work. We felt there wasn't nearly enough activities to do. There were gaps of 4 - 5 hours where the only things to do were the following (taken right from their activity sheet "freestyle daily") 1) onboard bookings desk opens 2) play bridge 3) lecture 'you are what you eat' 4) library opens 5) fitness staff on duty 6) bingo (cost about $50 pp) 7) friends of bill w meet 8) art preview, now I ask you what would you do for this 5 hours span? not too much, each day continued in this fashion. Very disappointed in this cruise line, wouldn't recommend.
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