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Contact Carolyn Barrett at Barrett Adventures ( She has a bunch of tours available, plus she will work with you to plan your own tour. She will meet you at the pier, and you get a driver in a comfortable van. We are taking a tour with her on Christmas Day. She sent a very interesting slide show, illustrating how terribly crowded Dunns River Falls is on holidays (there will be many ships in port on Christmas Day). We are going to a different set of falls (sorry, can't remember the name right now), then to lunch, then swimming, then shopping, then whatever we want. You pay a flat fee buy the hour per person, which varies with the total number of poeple. For us, it is $5/hour per person for 6 people (plus admission to the Falls). Our tour will last about 6 hours. We do not know the other two couples that are going with us. Carolyn asked if it would be OK to book others who had expressed interest. We had no problem with this, it will be a small group and it keeps the cost down. Yes, it will be expensive day, but I feel we will see more of the island than possible on a ship tour, and will not have to deal with the thousands of people at the Falls. Email Carolyn, she will get back to you quickly and plan whatever type of tour that fits your interest and schedule.

Have a great trip!
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