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Default Re: Can you order 2 Lobster Tails on Lobster Night?

Chuck, I have cruised on 7 cruise lines and can't remember ever having crab legs. For the type of cabin we had our NCL cruise to Alaska was the priciest and no, we didn't have crab legs. As for anyone who would rather have frozen legs then no legs that's if they are good frozen one ok, but most are very salty and watery. You live in Mich, I live in NM, we don't get fresh fish here at all. No one loves fish or any kind better than me, but most fish freezes very poorly, Salmon being one of the exceptions. I was lucky enough to be raised in So Ca by a father who loved to fish. Eventually moved to DC where the fish is fresh all the time. Guess we will have to settle for what we get and be glad we can all still cruise.

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