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Default Re: Can you order 2 Lobster Tails on Lobster Night?

Sally, if your remarks are not a bit condesending I wander what you would call them? No, NCL does not cater to just the lowest priced cruisers as you may think. As for Radisson, you can't compare apples and oranges. Of course Radisson has better meals than any of the mass produced lines and you pay for it. The fact remains they are still frozen crab legs. I will take a good steak anyday over frozen fish. HAL may serve frozen crab legs on some of their cruises, but not all. Maybe you have never been lucky enough to live on the East or West coast where you taste the fresh fish all the time. I have lived on both, have had crab legs that were caught that day, not to mention fresh lobster still alive when I choose it. After eating the real thing the frozen doesn't do that much for me. Would I get crab if on the menu, probably, but certainly don't miss not having it, nor do I judge the cruise by whether of not they offer crab legs. To each his own.

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