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Todd R
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Default Re: Re: Norway compensation for cancelled cruises

The coupon being refererd to here is from "The Entertainment" book. The books are sold as fundraisers by schools and other non-profit organisations in the Fall, each year. Or, you could go on-line to - but as Nita said, most TA's will not initially accept the coupon for 'discounted' fares. Maybe with a little puching you will have success.

On another note, I went back to the on-line TA we purchased out replacement cruise from. In this case, we re-booked on Princess. I was asking if they could go to Princess, explain our situation (displaced Norway pasenger, changing lines and itineraries, and not able to benefit from NCL's "compensation") and this is what they came back with:


"We have spoken to Princess as well as other cruiselines about seeing if they wanted to do anything special to get the business of the Norway passengers, and unfortunately they are not able to do anything special. The only thing that may be able to happen is if the price goes down on the vacation you purchased, we may be able to request an upgrade or onboard credit. I am sorry about this."


Has anyone else who has rebooked on another line had success or is this a common occurance?
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