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Default Re: Can you order 2 Lobster Tails on Lobster Night?

BnB, I am not the biggest enviormentalist in the world for sure, but I sure agree with you on this. I was raised in So Calif, my dad loved to fish, we ate fresh fish at least once every few weeks if not more often and if he hadn't caught it we got it fresh from the fish market. Then living in the DC area in the 80s hubby and I enjoyed the best of fish, now it is out of our price range pretty much, the rivers are polluted beyond belief and we settle for Salmon most of the time which as most of us know is pretty much farm raised. That is fine with me, at least it's fish. Too bad not many take this seriously.

Enough of this, let's go cruisin and eatin and havin a good ol time.

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