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I just got off of the Dawn yesterday. I don't think I heard one good thing about the "free-style dining". There are three main restaurants to choose from, but you are NOT allowed to make reservations for them. You have to go and put your name on a list and wait for a table, while they tell you 15-20 minutes most of the time it was at least a half an hour. When going to Impressions at 7:45 one night they said we could come back at 8:15. Ather night we tried there and the wait was an hour. We lucked out the night we were in Port Canaveral and had NO wait at Aqua (I think everyone was in Orlando). We found the service in the Venetian to be VERY slow and not very helpful. The staff in Aqua was the best.

There was one formal night and I think most people were dressed up. Otherwise the rules were no jeans, tank tops or sneakers in the restaurants at night.

Our cruise had over 700 passengers that were under the age of 21!

Unfortunately, we had rain on both sea days and the private island day, but the water wasn't very rough (in my opinion).

Hope this helps you.
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