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Default Re: Can you order 2 Lobster Tails on Lobster Night?

You hit a lobster over the head!!!! Where did you learn to cook?Gezz
First, the lobsters on almost all the ships, including NCL are not Maine Lobsters, they are the Caribbean..yechh (we are from N.E. and know our lobster and fish)..and they are usually kept refrigerated and put directly into the hot boiling water..As for the snobbery about NCL I take exception to that!!!!! Went on a RCI cruise last year and I was completely disgusted.. mediocre food, indifferent service, third rate entertainment...I could go on and on about our experience. There was a "cruise group" that I mistakenly hitched up with pre-cruise and I was never so disgusted with these blowhards in my twenty years of cruising.. There are many people who turn up their nose at NCL, but NCL and I don't work for them was the first cruise line to do homeland cruising, Free Style Cruising, internet connections, and embarking and disembarking passenger stress free and that's just for a start..Don't get me started about my RCI Brilliance of the Seas cruise.a.nd this group.. Of course NCL isn't Crystal,, Radison or Seabourne but there is a market for everybody. What I particularly look for in a cruise is destination, destination, destination... I don't care if you have the Presiden'ts Suite or if you need a butler... Sorry... now I think I'll take two Exceedrin and calm down.. If your going to "put down" NCL this is not the board for you...l
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