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Default Re: Hawaii shore excursions

Anne, I'm going to give you the key to the mint. I believe you said that you like to snorkel and I assume you would prefer to do it from a boat or catamaran for the least amount of money. There is a site called leading to a page of choices, where if you click onto activities, it leads to another page listing Tom Barefoot's Cashback Tours, which if clicked on, displays a page listing the 4 major islands across the center. Clicking on each one displays a list of activities on the right side of the screen. By clicking on any one that interests you, many excursions will be displayed, many which aren't even listed on the ships choices and at up to half the price of the ships excursions, many with complimentary food and alcoholic beverages which you'd be hard pressed to find on the ships choices. This company has been in business since the mid-seventies. Take a look at it and I guarantee you will not believe your eyes when you make the comparison. For example, would you believe unlimited complimentary food, Maita'is, beer and champagne on a catamaran cruise for $40? How about the Maita'i catamaran cruise with unlimited complimentary Maita'is for $27. Ckeck out the site and have twice the fun for half the price. You eliminate having to pay the cruiseline for the use of their computers. Also, I don't know if you know it, but beginning about June, a brand new ship called the Pride of America will be doing the 7 day Hawaiian cruise. The only thing that I would caution against is if a particular excursion ends within a couple of hours before the ship sails, you'd be better off booking on the ship or booking an earlier excursion. I say that because if anything causes an excursion to run late, the ship will only wait for their own excursions. But that's no problem if you just don't book outside excursions for the afternoon of days that the ship is scheduled to depart that port. Good luck.
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