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Sue Sue
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Default Smoking/Non Smoking on NCL

Dear All NCL cruisers, If you pop over to the Carnival boards, you will find out about the reports that Paradise will be repositioned next September and no longer be NON SMOKING. First Folks, PLEASE try not to make any answers a debate on the rights of smokers vs non-smokers. I am merely asking for input. Just FYI, My family and I for personal reasons enjoy (ed) the entire NON SMOKING cruise vacation environment of the Paradise. My husband and I are booked on what most likely will be our 6th and final cruise with her. In the posts made on a thread I started on the Carnival board, someone mentioned that NCL may offer an alternative for me.

Here is my question: What is the smoking/non-smoking policy on NCL? I am interested in

1) Are any cabins designated NON SMOKING?
2) Is Port designated SMOKING and Starboard NON SMOKING?
3) If there are SMOKING/NON SMOKING areas on NCL ships, does the cruiseline enforce the policy?
4)From experience on NCL ships, does anyone have advice on ship choice, location, itineraries for the NON SMOKER?

Again, I am looking for Positive information.
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