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Default Re: Smoking/Non Smoking on NCL

I am an asthmatic with severe allergy troubles and an inhaler. While I knew NCL had no ship which was non-smoking and that there were no Non-smoking cabins, I desperately wanted to go to Alaska on the NCL Sun. (My health is deteriorating rapidly). I went on the Sept 7th sailing out of Seattle.

1) Are any cabins designated NON SMOKING?
Nope. However, call ahead several times, request and re-confirm with NCL (their number is on their website) and the room steward will run a Hepa filter air cleaner.
*Other notes, since I am allergic to EVERYTHING: They have eggcrate foam mattress pads you can request. The pillows were foam, and the wonderful comforter was a down-alternative that kept us toasty. I experienced no reactions to anything in our room.

2) Is Port designated SMOKING and Starboard NON SMOKING?
Port is smoking, starbord is nonsmoking. The signs are embedded in the outdoor furniture. People were very good about it, too.

3) If there are SMOKING/NON SMOKING areas on NCL ships, does the cruiseline enforce the policy?
I never saw it needing to be enforced, so can't say.

4)From experience on NCL ships, does anyone have advice on ship choice, location, itineraries for the NON SMOKER?
The one place it was smoky on the Sun was the Casino. I didn't go in, but had to walk the hall to go past. A hanky over the face does nicely.

Advice: If you really want to go on the cruise, don't let smoke stop you. Take along a mask, some inhalers, and whatever else you need for the times you might be around it, but it's still best to see places and be on a cruise.
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