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Raoul Fiebig
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Default New "Norway" & "Pride of America" pi

Hello everybody,

on December 13th I was in Bremerhaven for a cruise ship visit (M/V "Van Gogh") and of course I did take a look at the beloved S/S "Norway" to take some pictures and to see whether anything has been going on since my last visit in September.

First of all, she's still sitting there with no major work underway. The ship itself is being kept in a good shape, and from just seeing her you couldn't tell whether she's laid up or just docked for a visit. At night, she's completely illuminated, and she even sports an illuminated Christmas tree, which has been set up above the bridge on Sky Deck. What's interesting is that the entrance to the ship is guarded by a Lloyd Werft employee rather than by the ship's crew.

Unfortunately, the weather that day was awful - stormy gusts and rain all day - so apologies for the low quality of the daytime pictures taken, which - along with two pictures taken in the evening - are available here:

To avoid confusion, please note that only pictures #21 through #27 are new. Pictures #1 through #12 in particular are older pictures taken in November, 2001! Please keep that in mind.

I have also published pictures #26 & #27 as desktop wallpapers:

For those interested, a couple of new "Pride of America" pictures (very poor quality due to the heavy rain - I got soaking wet!) have also been published: (pictures #12 through #16 are new)


Raoul Fiebig
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