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Default Re: travel agent in hometown or booking online, ? which?

I made the mistake of booking directly with NCL in Miami for our cruise on the Dream in March. I waited almost on hour on hold and it took another hour for the clerk to make the reservation. She called me back later that night to say that she made a mistake and couldn't give us the night in New Orleans that I had asked for (THE MESSAGE WAS LEFT ON OUR ANSWERING MACHINE).

I called back the next day, waited for an hour on hold, and then it took two hours to re-do the reservation. I still did not get what I wanted, paid the same amount and was so frustrated that I just wanted to get off the phone.

Problems with NCL's reservation system: 1) not enough people to answer the phones 2) clerks are not knowlegeable-the ones I talked to kept putting me on hold while they talked to their supervisor to get advice 3) make mistakes and then will not do anything except say they are sorry.

We are Latitudes members and when I faxed a letter to their Customer Service, I got a call (again on our machine) telling me that the fax needed to go to another office which was upstairs from the machine I faxed my letter to. They could not walk it up there. Latitiudes Custome Service does not do anything until after the cruise is completed, so they told me.

Finally talked to a Reservation Service Supervisor (5 days later) who told me that he wanted to correct the problem by giving me a cabin upgrade ( you all know what that is worth) and that they would set-up a night in Miami instead of the night in New Orleans that we were originally told we had. I may be geographically challenged but it did not sound like they knew what they were doing. I want a night in New Orleans, BEFORE the cruise.
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