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Default Re: Just Returned!

Welcome home cruise gal!
Thanks for the review! I know you were late leaving last week. We waited under the Verazzano Narrows Bridge until about 6:30...but there was no sign of The Dawn...My husband, boys and I went into BayRidge hoping to get dinner and there was a very long wait we had Burger King and Taco Bell.....on the way home,close to 7pm, we saw the beautifully lit Dawn passing the Statue of Liberty. Tonight she left just ahead of schedule, and we saw her pass under the V N B just before 6...WOW!!! She is gorgeoous!! so big...and so many passengers taking pictures...we could see camera flashes Also, we noticed just forward of the center of the ship way up on deck 12 or so... a red strobe...looked like a disco light...what was that? We waved to everyone on deck! basically had a good time cruise gal, right?...just wondering....

did you do any of the ship's excursions...
or your own excursions....
how did that go?

Were you travelling with kids?
how was that?
or what was your experience with kids on board? this was winter vacation here in NY.

what did you love about this cruise?

What did you absolutely hate?

How was your room?

Which type of cabin did you have?...

How was the food overall?

Which was your favorite restaurant?

Did you like the barbecue by the pool?

Were lounge chairs available by the pool?
How did that work?

I probably have more questions, but this is all I can think of right now! Thanks so much for sharing your vacation with us!!!

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