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Yes...I had an EXCELLENT time. No complaints. The freestyle I would do again, it just wasn't my favorite.
My fourteen year old daughter had a blast. She met up with a few teens and let mom relax in the spa. :-) All together, there were 900 kids onboard, but of course it was February break- so we expected that.
Our favorite restaurant was the Venitian. Although it basically had the same menu as Aqua and Impressions, it is a much larger restaurant with many tables along the large glass windows. Aqua was a rather smaller restaurant, and you should expect a three hour dinner at Impressions. Service is extremely slow.
To tell you the truth, I LOVED everything about the ship. The glass elevators were great, although we wound up taking the stairs most of the time (took forever for one of the four elevators to get to us).
We did not take any excursions through NCL. However, we did some on our own. The weather wasn't great in Port Canaveral, so we wound up taking a shuttle bus right outside the ship to the Merritt Mall. (6 dollars per person- however, once you pay the six dollars, you could take any shuttle bus wherever you want. You just show your ticket whenever you get on a different bus) The mall was rather small, but was great just to get a chance to explore Cape Canaveral. In Miami, we went to Southbeach, where we had an amazing time. Shopping was great. From there, we went to the bayside mall, which my daughter loved. (shopped till she dropped) The Bahamas was nothing GREAT! We walked off the boat and walked directly into the streets of stores. We walked down to the markers where they attacked you with the hair braiding. Nothing major to buy, but was fun just to walk around. The Private Island was the best in my opinion. There were a few souvenir stores, but nothing you DESPERATELY needed! Just things to add to your next garage sale. The tenders weren't bad getting us there. Very quick. The mini-beach was great. Water was clear and enough chairs for everyone. Plenty of hammacks and beach volleyball courts.
On the boat, however, lounge chairs fill up FAST! So do the four jacuzzis. On hot days, be sure to get up early.
The barbeque by the pool was nothing major. There is so much food all day long, that you want to get sick looking at the barbeque. (unless you eat that as lunch)
The food was very good!! AND TONS OF IT!!! appetizers, soups, salads, main dish, desserts!! The portions aren't very chincy either!
Our room was on the 10th floor. We had an inside stateroom, which was fine for my daughter and I. However, the rooms were on the small side. But for the amount of time we were in there, it was fine.

Any other questions, PLEASE feel free to ask. :-)

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