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hey cruise gal!
Thanks so much for your detailed reply! We sail April 11 Spring Break...... with a 5 year old and 10 year I appreciate the report on the number of kids...and as you is as I would expect too. I guess I am most concerned that there is enough supervision for my guys....they love "kid crew" programs....where ever they are!!!
I remember choosing to run up the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator when we sailed the Destiny...Maybe it's just a big ship sort of game!! Fine for me!! thanks also for your input on the excursions...we have not made up our minds totally yet....but my parents, my sister and her husband have decided to meet us at The Magick Kingdom on I guess we will be there....UUUGGGGHHHH...I just wanted a nice leisurely vacation!!!! !!!

I am so sorry the weather sucked was it bad? was it too cold, too overcast? I hope you find pleasant weather somewhere soon!!!

Blessed Be,

Mermaid Momma.
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