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At the risk of giving Steph's Mom way more attention than she deserves, I would just like to comment that all cruises have their positive and negatives. It appears that her sailing experienced very rough weather - something out of NCL's control. It is likely that the poor weather frayed on passenger's nerves and perhaps stomachs and my guess is that if she experienced poor service it may have been due to staff having to deal with:
-many passengers like Stephs' Mom
- the fact that they work about 16 hours a day for extremely poor wages and
-they, unlike Steph's Mom have been away for their families for 6-8 months or more

I am sure her response would be "If you don't like the job, get another one". A reality check is that many staff come from third world countries and they work under these conditions for the benefit of their families back home - this is the best they can do.

I have been on twelve cruises, with every cruise line. Yes, I have experienced some service that could have been better, but I try to keep things in focus. My only complaint about cruising so far is coming into contact with people who are constantly finding fault with everything. Please do us a favour and stay home if you require perfection.
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