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The only thing that can ruin a cruise are the passengers like SM if she is for real. Guess what, you are not the only one that has traveled all over the world or so you say. Most of us on this board have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit. We have done Hong Kong twice, Europe a few times, Hawaii too many times to count, Mexico and 15 cruises, but that can't compare with some of the people on this board. Oh yes, we do Vegas and laughlin about 3 times a year. I am a gourmet cook with a degree in Foods and Nutrition. This does not make me an expert on foods, just one with a pretty good idea or what is good and what's bad. As stated you can't expect to get $100 quality meal on any mass marketed cruiseline. I think it's pretty obviously you haven't cruised before, you think more about gambling than any other part of the ship, you expected your daughter to be entertained in a kids camp surrounding. This is ok, but knowning the time of the year there were probably not quite enough kids interested in the program to have someone available for every age group. You may have seen someone get sick, it happens when the seas are rough, but all over the ship? What a vivid imagination you have. What did your hubby think about your constant complaining? It's obvious cruising isn't for you.

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