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Thanks Cruisegirl for an honest posting- you just show that things can go wrong, like weather and late departures, but still have a great time. you are also one of the few people who really put down what you did and didn't like without making a huge deal out of it. I am a first time cruiser and have been visiting all these boards to try to get an idea of what cruising is like, not to get my hopes up too high, or discouraging me from going, but just to figure out what to expect.
I too have traveled the world vacationing in more fabulously wonderful places than most people can even imagine (I have visited more of Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, Kenya, Ghana, Nepal, Bhutan, the Galapagos, the Amazon, and the Andes, than the US!). I have been very lucky to do so, but the best thing I have learned from travelling is that every time you go somewhere, even if you have been there before, it is a new experience: things can and often do go wrong, things happen differently than the time before, and most importantly, if you are just easy going and look for the positives you can have a fabulous time, even in what might have been a horrible situation. a brief example: a few years ago we went on a short family vacation to the beach- it was the only time everyone could get off work/school during a very hectic year, and what happened? A Hurricane hit. Restaurants were closed and boarded up, the islands were evacuated (we were just on the mainland), we were pretty much stuck in our little hotel rooms without cable or electricity watching the roof blow off the building next to us. But i have more fond memories of that trip than our picture perfect vacation to the BVI the year before- despite the hardship, despite there being nothing to eat or do, we managed to enjoy our vacation. On the last day we were gifted with the clearest blue sky I have ever seen, warm weather, gently lapping waves, and a beach empty of other tourists.
So have a great cruise everybody, and make the most of it!!
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