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thank- you NMNnita-that was $250 for Cruise fare-plus port taxes- same cost as if my child was 2 or 22. Again - Nina does not respond- my point about disney- which was the same point I made months ago about this- is that Disney wanting $1000 vs $250 on NCL means that their kids port time is not FREE- its built in to the cost! so why does NINA rail against the $5/hr- and say other kid programs are free- not when its several hundred $ more for the cruise. I have sailed Celebrity and RCCL- both nice lines- but during this time frame the 3rd passenger was far more expensive than NCL and you could not use kids programs- so what do you get--nothing. PS- hope this helps- NCL and Carnival are the only 2 lines I have found which allow 2 yr olds in program.
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