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Again- look at any cruise website which has prices and Apr 3-10 is by far the highest week in cost pp aside from Christmas and maybe July 4- and all other cruise lines 3rd and 4th are much higher than NCL- I checked them all-so when comparing apples to apples- you are getting a much better deal-or the others have built in the cost. Again - go compare a cruise cost w/ that of one which leaves at the same time- or else there is no point. Why is it that nearly everyone on all boards disagrees with nearly everything you say- including blaming teachers for high cost of cruises? Go back and read some of your posts- you seem to take both sides of many topics just so you can argue- why bother- life is short- I only responded to all of this because I noticed before that all of your rantings about this topic would have been avoided had you read any of the brochures about this cruise!
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