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I have read all about peoples opinions of the kids crew and after researching what NCL has to offer to kids I agree with NINA from ct. We are sailing on the NCL Majesty and I have been trying to find activities for the children and I did find it for the Sky and it was not much (compared to Carnival). I have yet to find activities for teens on the majesty from charleston. I have a copy of the freestyle daily and notice on that the teen dance is ONE HOUR at night, then they have to leave the dance. There will be a several 15-17 year olds and several 9-12 year olds and I am searching for activities that are for them. The one I found for the SKY is for the age group younger than 7. If there are a lot of activities for the children then they get to meet friends and have a whole lot more fun. I know because I have been on several cruises mostly carnival. I am just worried if they are not allowed in many places and not much activities for them then they will not have as much fun. I want this cruise to be as much for them as for me. If they are happy then I am happy. Still searching for list of activities for teens and 9-12 year olds If anyone knows where to find this for this age group on the majesty let me know. Give Nina a break she is only wanting the cruise to be fun for the children too, I want this too. Before anyone tells me I should have taken a carnival cruise since I liked it so much believe me I would have if our friends had not gotten a group together and decided to go on NCL so no one would have to fly. We have 32 rooms booked already, some with children others just couples. I know with such a large group we will have fun but it is more enjoyable when there are lots of activites to choose from.
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