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nc, I can't vouch for any ship except the Sun, Sky and the Sea. The Sky and Sun from word of mouth only, the Sea personal experience. All three seemed to have activities that please the kids, from about 8 to 13 or so. It has been my experience and this is my view only that teens much older than 13 or so will find their own activities. All they have to do is meet the first night or so in a teen setting and they are set for the remainder of the cruise. Most teens we have seen as well as our own grand daughters spend much of their time with the family, laying around the pool and doing some kid things at night. Celebrity last November for all practical purposes offered absolutely nothing for the older teens. Our grand kids still had fun. The arcades alone will draw them together. NCL had lots of pool activities, scavenger hunts, talent type shows, etc for the tween age kids. This has just been our experience. Others feel differently I am sure. If your group is going to have so many together I wouldn't think the teen program would be all so important as the kids would have each other to hang with.

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