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boubie, No, that is NOT TRUE. On sea days there are pool games, yes, you will see the kids at Kamp eating Pizza together, they have scavenger hunts, etc. There are plenty of activities especially for the kids from about 6 to 10. The older kids as has been stated by others like Asealady prefer to meet the first night and then spend the time pretty much together without organized activities. A couple of things come to mind here and this is from watching families that are having a great time together including our family: why do so many think the kids need to be entertained and in groups all the time or even most of the time? What happened to the time when kids enjoyed just being with their parents, siblings, hanging out at the pool and generally running around having a good time, using some imagination? I know, they shouldn't run around on the ship: I don't mean literally running around causing scenes. If your kids can't enjoy spending most of the time with the family maybe cruising isn't the best vacation for them. I am just thinking of those kids I have seen including my grand kids that enjoyed every minute of the cruise experience without spending much time in a kids program. This is not saying there should be no program, this is saying the majority of the time kids can have a great time with the family. That's my lecture for the day folks. I know I will get a bashing from some of you. Sorry! NMNIta
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