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Default Going ashore questions

Hi! I have some questions about going ashore...

Do you have to take your passport with you when you get off at each port? Do you show it to get back on the ship?

When you go snorkelling, sailing, diving, swimming with stingrays, etc. do you take your purse/wallet with you? Where do you keep them when you go in the water? Is it safe or has anyone ever had anything stolen?

Do the tenders run back and forth to the ship all day? If you want to go back to the ship, can you?

Is there usually someplace in port that a person can go to sign up for tours? We have heard that they are usually cheaper if you book them once you get ashore. In particular, we are interested in finding out more about the Lamanai Reserve in Belize - is it worth going to, and any idea who we contact about getting there?

Thanks for any help you can give! Only 9 more days to go!!!!

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