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Default Re: Kids Crew thoughts-port days etc.

One thing we have learned from the cruises that we have taken is that the staff all have multiple duties. The kids crew may not be open as much on port days because those same people that take care of the children during sea days are helping "crowd control", scanning sail and sign cards as you leave for ports and doing odd jobs in different parts of the ship, getting people organized for their shore excursions etc. Plus usually at least in one port on a 7 day cruise, after the people leave the ship for the day, they allow staff to get off and have a few hours free time. We have been in ports and saw some staff taking a break from the people and are glad to see that they have some free time. We know one staff person personally and though it may not seem so, she is up in the early am to help get people off the ship on port days and organizing activities from early am on sea days and then staying up till early am while the late night activities are going on. They cherish the port days. Our friend is on the cruise director's staff, not the CD or Assistant CD and still works those long hours.


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