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Default Re: Kids Crew thoughts-port days etc.

when the ages are grouped from 6-12- its either because there aren't enough kids to run a 10-12 year old program..or because of the fact, that the ship is understaffed for Youth Coordinators. And that is just bad programming if they sat them infront of movies. I will agree to 30 mins of a movie per program.. so in one week they will watch just one movie. I'm not going to stick up for that. The shows- i think that 1 hour out of the 3- isn't bad once a cruise.. But you are right. That doesnt' sound like a lot of fun for the kids. I'm sorry it wasn't fun for them. The Dawn has much better programming. well, it did at least when i was there. It depends on the LEAD YC.. HOpefully you will have a better experience next time if you choose to cruise with NCL again.
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