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Default Re: Deck Chair Etiquette?

Although they state it is against ship policy to reserve chairs, it is standard procedure on every ship that we have been on that the early-birds get the chairs and there is no enforcement of the rule by the ship personnel.

Rather than be confrontational, we took turns getting up early to reserve our chairs and made it a point to get through breakfast within one hour then go directly up to the chairs. On a day when the ship is in port, there is little need to do this since there are so many people off the ship during the day.

If we have chairs, we try to stay in the area until we leave and then we took our towels, etc. and left the chairs open. We did see some people who took other people's belongings off their chairs. As soon as the original owners of the chairs arrived there was a lot of arguing and name-calling. Not worth the hassle if you ask me.

The ship needs to abandon this policy or have a way to enforce it.

P.S. the same rule applies to the Showrooms.
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