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I had an AB Penthouse on the Dawn in June 2003 (and will again June 2004). I made good use of both the Concierge and the Butler. On embarkation day the Concierge, Butler and room stewards came to the suite to introduce themselves. A form was left to fill out what speciality restaurant we wanted to eat at. You could pick date and time for the entire cruise. We were also able to make a last minute change in Le Bistro one evening by caling the Concierge. The Butler was great. You have a special room service menu that is the Butler's menu. It is a more extensive menu. You can also order any main diningroom meal brought to your room. On the formal night we decided to eat in suite. "Arnie" the butler brought us each dinner and set us a nice table with cloths and flatware. We had "Arnie bring us breakfast most every morning so we could eat on the balcony.

The service was great
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