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Default Re: Aloha Cancels Short Cruises

That is because the cruise that ended today was a total bust:

I just completed a week cruise on Aloha that left LA 13 June. Free food, you ask? Only in the main dining, the buffet, extremely limited room service, and so-so pizza (cheese, peporoni, or vegie) fresh from the freezer "24 hours a day" - not.

I have eaten better food in military chow halls. The only difference between the main dining and the buffet is the choice of oatmeal, which is actually grits.

Very basic food. Lobster night was Tuesday. Did you miss that? That is because the lagostino mini tail [that was the same size as the shrimp] in your linguini was their version of lobster night.

Bringing kids and looking forward to Planet Kids? It is a fantasy, a rather bare large room with red walls. They will take great care of your kids during the day for $8.50 an hour.

There is no kid, or teen, day program. Not even activities, save an afternoon craft that quickly runs out of supplies.

The kid's program is provided from 7PM to 10PM. That is all, save one day when they meet the kids at 6:30 for dinner. whippee

Brace yourself for the 3 hour dining experience [with your kids and other peoples' crying bored hungry kids]

If you experienced this lovely cruise, please sign up at the NCL13June group at
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