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Default Re: Aloha Cancels Short Cruises

I am trying to understand why you think a class action suit has merit.

"Free food, you ask? Only in the main dining, the buffet, extremely limited room service, and so-so pizza (cheese, peporoni, or vegie) fresh from the freezer "24 hours a day"

Pretty normal for NCL - room service is well documented as limited unless you have a suite. Pizza same as the Sky.

"because the lagostino mini tail [that was the same size as the shrimp] in your linguini was their version of lobster night."

How did that harm you?

"There is no kid, or teen, day program"

Never is on NCL on port days.

"The kid's program is provided from 7PM to 10PM"

Tiime for a quiet dinner for two

"Brace yourself for the 3 hour dining experience"

I hope I am in the Bistro

I would understand actions had they gone to sea and set the ship adrift of 3 days, skipped all the ports to save money, and closed all the resturants except the buffet
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