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Default Re: Aloha Cancels Short Cruises

I don't know about a class action lawsuit, but if passengers paid full fare (as I did when the POA was still the Sky, and also suffered with similar horrible service, long waits and bad food and even misinformation regarding the kids program), NCL certainly should do SOMETHING to make it up to it's guests!

Why should cruisers pay for an advertised product that they didn't receive? No offense, but unless you were on that cruise or the Sky cruises leading up to it and suffered through a totally subpar experience, you really can't comment on what those passengers should or shouldn't expect or demand. They didn't get what they paid for, and NCL ought to own up to it with the very least a future cruise credit.

FYI, I wrote 3 letters to NCL at the end of April detailing my experience on the Sky, and haven't so much as received a phone call from anyone. Not that I'm really expecting anything, not after my entire experience with NCL has been a series of lies and zero customer service, but I do hope others learn from these postings and beware of whom they choose to cruise with in the future. I know I did.
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