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Default Re: mandatory "service charges" on NCL

There was an article in last week's LA times where the CEO was directly asked what the "service fee" was used for and he would not answer. What does that tell customers?

Gardencat, you had asked before how my TA felt about NCL - she is fully aware of all the problems and again urged me to give up on NCL even the new PO America. She said it is a poorly run company, always has been and always will. I will not print this elsewhere because I don't want to be personally attacked. These are not my words, but my travel agent's. She also feels that the American crew situation may never work out.

It's too late now for me with the POA, I will lose a few hundred $$ if we cancel. I pricelined a resort in Waikiki before all of the disaster. Hubby wanted me to cancel tonight and take the loss, we're giving it until the end of the month. I'm so disappointed.
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