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Default Re: Just Back Carnival Legend

I was on this same cruise and agree with much of what was said. This was my first cruise on Carnival ( I have been on about 10 cruises) and from comments on this board there were no real surprises.
I thought the entertainment was very mixed. The extravaganza shows were marvelous with good singers and dancers, costumes and sets. Much of the other entertainment was mediocre at best.
Likewise, the food in the main dining room ( Truffles) started off rather poorly prepared the first couple of nights. It seemed to improve and after the first couple of nights was very good most nights. I was disappointed in the desserts for the most part ( Probably for the best - I didn't gain too much weight).
The Golden Fleece restaurant was elegant.. service was excellent and food was well prepared . I especially the music and singing of the couple there.
The excersize facilities was great, the Lido Casual Eating dining area was excellent with great variety and spacious enough to handle the crowds). The staff in areas were courteous and went out of their way to be helpful.
If you use the Casino, be advised there is a 3% charge for buying chips or coins for the slots on your Sail & Sign card.
One warning - there was a long wait after customs- if you were planning on using taxi transportation. The lines were long and the wait was in the open subject to hot weather, no shade or water.
All in all, the good out weighed the bad.
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