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John Tee
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Default Re: mandatory "service charges" on NCL

It's not a freaken TIP. It's an salary adjustment .... or in other words it's an increase in the price of the cruise without increasing the price. It's a bait and switch. It's immoral and wrong. NCL shoudl be ashamed of themselves. It they want to charge an extra 200-400 per room the raise the freaken rates.

There was mass confussion on our 6/20 cruise on this. Was it the automatic TIP ? We thought so at first but then found out it wasn't. We had to tip in the end.

NCL Management really is blowing this so totally that it is unbelievable.

Don't listen to the crap about problems on POA being because of new American crew. These guys are working their asses off and getting stiffed on tips.
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