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Default Re: Re: mandatory "service charges" on NCL

This is the first time I've visited this board and I spotted your post. My wife and I have cruised NCL 3 times and have cruised RCL, Princess, and Carnival, all in all 7 cruises the past 4 years so I think my opinion should carry some weight. The $10 pp a day is more than fair and in our case we have tipped the room stewards extra each time. Every line that we have been on automatically adds this charge to your ship and sail card unless you request that it don't. We have always had good service on all lines and found most ship personal very friendly. Unless you are unreasonable and demanding and look for something to complain about you'll be treated like royality. NCL is a good fit for middle age people and you'll find the food excellent and the entertainment for the most part very good. I would be careful of the excersions, every line prices them high and you'll find that you can do much better if you go ashore and make your own arrangments. The only negative I have about NCL is the size of the cabins, much smaller than most other lines. If you go again in the future look for the room sizes before you book. Some NCL cabins are 110sq. ft. A decent size is over 150. Hope this helps. Enjoy your cruise and don't give a lot of credit to all the negative comments.
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