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Default Re: Victory Feedback

Sorry to say it but I was disappointed in my cruise on the VIctory... so much so that I exercised Carnival's Vacation Guarantee and got off the ship in Puerto Rico. We were on our honeymoon doing back-to-back cruises on the Explorer of the Seas and then the Victory. It was like going from a Mercedes to a Honda. The decor looked like a Motel 6 hand-me-down from the 80's even though the ship is not nearly that old. The service was often slow and sometimes downright RUDE! You can read more about it on my post on cruisecritic's Carnival site. Just do a search to find it. I will admit that the food (when we finally got it) was very tasty and our room steward was very good. The ship doesn't even allow you to go all the way from forward to aft on all the decks! Who designed this monster? I strongly suggest people to check out one of the RCCL Voyager class ships... then I dare anyof them to say that it's worse than the Victory. No chance. To top it all off, we actually paid MORE for the Victory than the Explorer. Luckily, we we re able to salvage the rest of our week and drove to Orlando. Lesson learned I guess. (And before you all try to flame me: NO, I do not have any hidden agenda here or am working for RCCL or anything stupid/paranoid like that... just stating my opinion.)
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